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Topic: 100% pine pelletized equine bedding

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Royal Virginian dot com

100% pine pelletized equine bedding


WoodFuels Virginia is a manafacturer of premium 100% pine equine bedding pellets under the brand name  Royal Virginian. Our company practices sustainable forestry and has total care, control and custody of the wood used in our pellets from harvest to final product. We do not use any biproducts, sawdust or recycled wood. Our pellets are made from whole chips after the logs are brought to our facility for debarking and chipping. The high heating during the pelletizing process removes potentional allergens that may irritate your horses. In addition, the wood is triple screened to minimize dust making our product virtually dust free.  We offer competitive pricing & delivery and well stocked inventory so there's no need to worry about not being able to obtain pellets when you require them. Please feel free to contact us at our offices in Louisa County, Virginia for sales and distribution information or visit our website

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